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The "Musée de l'Homme"

Published on:Monday 17 October 2016


Partly dating back to the Universal Exhibition of 1878 and located at the heart of the Palais de Chaillot in an east-west orientation, the Musée de l'Homme has just reopened its doors after 6 years of construction work. A metamorphosis for this building classified as a Historical Monument which the architects wanted to expose to
space and light.



The central issue: protecting the exhibits

These large windows are also equipped with interior blinds fitted to a double ceiling rail, designed to:

  • highlight the ambitious simplicity of the renovations;
  • form a transparent, unobtrusive and modular partition;
  • encourage the concentration of visitors;
  • contribute to the planned museum experience by bringing visitors away from the large bay windows and directing them towards the more intimate interior spaces;
  • protect the exhibited collections from sunlight.

M-Screen, the high-performance decorative solution

The M-Screen 8505 fabric colour 0202 White was selected:

  • for its heat control properties, reflecting back up to 75% of the solar energy,
  • to optimise the intake of natural light: 79% of light rays are filtered and to protect the exhibits with 95% of UV blocked out,
  •  for its ability to be inserted within the architecture of the museum.

60 blinds were manufactured and subsequently fitted by the company CYB Stores. 


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