Screen Nature Ultimetal®


  • Mineral composition designed for minimum environmental impact: made of glass fibre, PVC free, polyester free and halogen free
  • Transparent thermal shield - Rs = 74%
  • Very low emissivity of 10%: the fabric acts as a heat insulator
  • Excellent glare control: Tv = 4%
  • Incombustible, smoke emission free
Tissu de protection solaire, Transparent screen-nature Screen Nature Ultimetal®


Application type (for information only)

Roller blinds

Technical data

Composition : Glass fabric with fire-proof PVC-free and halogen-free coating (contains fluorine)

Openness factor : 4 %

Widths : 240, 180 cm

Weight/m² : 170 g/m² ±5 %

Thickness : 0.21 mm ±5 %


The performance of Mermet metallised fabrics

High performance metallised fabric for indoor blinds. Discover Mermet's Screen Nature Ultimetal® at the Nexans Innovation Center.



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