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Acoustic fabric uk

Sunscreen mermet - Acoustic fabric uk

Sunscreen Mermet proposes effective solutions for acoustic management in a wide variety of applications and business sectors. Specialists in technological textiles, we design and manufacture acoustic fabric for the UK, Europe and distribute to over 60 countries around the world.

The patented Acoustis®50 is a leader among acoustic absorbing fabrics available today, providing acoustic comfort, but also, visual and thermal properties in a single, high-performance solution.

The coated fiberglass technology can be fashioned to match both configurative and decorative requirements. From tensile structures, wall panels to roman shades and blinds, possibilities of use and design are wide ranging.

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Acoustic fabric –applications and technical performance

For residences, offices, hotels, bars, restaurants, public transport stations, aquatic centres, spas… indeed, any interior space in need of acoustic management will benefit from our acoustic fabric solution. Acoustis®50 provides high level noise absorption and reduction of echo with an elegant decorative finish which will add to the aesthetic quality of an interior. Available in six different tones and produced with extra width, coverage of ceilings and walls, for improved sound control is practical and adaptable to each specific space.

In addition to acoustic management, Acoustis® 50 can be fitted in a manner to correct glare and thermal issues of an interior space in a single application. The acoustic fabric provides total glare control and solar energy absorption for optimal thermal comfort without negative impact on the atmosphere. Though hardwearing and robust in its design, this is an acoustic and decorative solution in one fabric which can be customized by print, cut and installation for a unique, bespoke finish for almost any interior space.

Sunscreen Mermet acoustic fabric complies with European and International health and safety measures and is a certified, fire and smoke proof solution, as well as, a classified low chemical emissions product. We are proud to provide textile technologies of the highest standards.


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