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Who are we?

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Mermet, manufacturer of technical and decorative fabrics for solar protection

Sectors & positioning

Mermet, designer of technical fabrics for solar protection.

For 70 years, Mermet has been designing and manufacturing hi-tech fabrics to provide visual and thermal comfort to building occupants. By controlling the effect the sun exerts, Mermet® fabrics used in external blinds or in internal blinds have a dual effect:

  • on energy consumption by reducing the use of heating, air conditioning and lighting;
  • on comfort and well-being; light and temperature control in winter/summer, aesthetics…


Compliant with the EN 14501 standard, Mermet® fabrics are suitable for the bio-climatic facades of low-energy or HEQ buildings and meet the requirements of RT 2012 thermal regulations in France as well as international. They make it possible to drastically reduce the energy consumed by buildings (lighting, air conditioning and heat). They play a major role in the ability to obtain credits for eco-efficient or eco-design building certifications such as LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, Passiv Haus.

Key figures 2023

Mermet in figures

35 M€


of sales achieved abroad
2.55 M m²

of solar protection fabric sold each year


Employees in France

Present in over 60 countries

Please find below the contact details of the sales manager for your area:

Know-how, technology & innovation

Unique expertise based on the utilisation of glass fibre, a natural and abundant raw material, enables to offer innovative fabrics combining efficiency and durability.


Our technology is based on coated fibreglass and fibreglass fabric finished after being woven. This inert material is very stable, retains its shape and offers the highest levels of safety in the event of a fire. It is suitable for large-dimension applications (width sizes up to 320 cm) while offering perfect flatness and an unrivalled finish (clean cuts, no fraying). Thus, with a hi-tech weaving process that is also regular, you obtain a fabric with optimal transparency and strength.

Aesthetics, many colours are possible thanks to a combination of various coloured yarns.

The technical properties of Mermet®  fabrics - mechanical resistance, dimensional stability and durability - are recognised through the prestigious label, Enduris TM  Glass Core. They meet the most demanding standards: Oeko-Tex®  Standard 100 for health & safety, Greenguard®  for interior air quality. Finally, all of the products in our range also meet the provisions of REACH regulations on chemical substances.

Our strategy - Between now and 2025

The search for excellence is in our DNA. We constantly innovate to design products that meet the highest of standards in terms of environment, eco-design, durability and cost reduction, while complying with all the various regulatory demands.

We have modern and efficient production facilities capable of meeting market needs in terms of both capacity and quality.

We implement multiple controls throughout the production cycle of our fabrics, and comprehensive laboratory testing - both internally and externally - is conducted on finished products using the smallest of tolerances.

So we are able to guarantee our customers consistent quality levels with properties that fully meet all of the technical specifications, providing reliability in the harshest of environments.

The commitment of our employees to continuous improvement based on operational excellence and customer service has produced the desired results.

Some key dates

Milestones in Mermet's history



New MERMET brand

Launch of the new MERMET brand for the entire division

New MERMET brand

3G Capital acquires Hunter Douglas Group

US-Brazilian investment fund 3G Capital acquires 75% majority stake in Hunter Douglas Group


Increase of production capacity

Reinforcement of the teams
Acquisition of new coating lines, new large width looms and a pilot line


Range extension

Range extended with large-width fabrics of 320cm


Concentration on solar protection

Concentration on the core activity of solar protection with the manufacture of coated glass fibre fabrics and exclusive partnerships with market leaders for the ranges of glass fibre fabrics


Merger with XLScreen

After the acquisition of XLScreen by the Hunter Douglas group, merger of Mermet and XLScreen

Merger with XLScreen

Mermet joins Hunter Douglas

Acquisition of Mermet by the Hunter Douglas Group


Production site in USA

Establishment of a production site in USA
Integration of the coated thread process


Export growth

Export growth in Europe and United States of America
Subsidiaries are created around the world


Solar Protection market

Production of glass fibre fabrics begins for solar protection properties of vertical blinds


Founding of the company

Founding of the custom weaving company by Henri Mermet


58 Chemin du Mont Maurin
38630 Les Avenières Veyrins-Thuellin France
Tel : +33 (0) 474 33 66 15


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