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Implementation, warranty & care instructions

Recommendations for handling

For an easier handling of wide width fabric and to avoid having marks on it, Mermet recommends to roll the panel(s) onto a tube at each stage of the making-up.

For fabrics with a white acrylic coating on one side (Kibo 8500, Flocké 11201), it is recommended to handle it on a clean dust-free and dry surface.

As for all metallised fabrics, cotton gloves must be worn during the making-up process to prevent footprint on the metal side.

Care instructions

The following car instructions apply to all of our fabrics:
  • Handle the fabric with care: clean and dry hands, use of gloves recommended.
  • Do not scrub.
  • Do not use solvents or any abrasive substance that might damage the coating of fabric.
  • All types of chemicals will cause permanent damage to the fabric. Therefore, if cleaning windows etc., the blind will have to be raised to avoid any direct or indirect spray or splatter of chemicals on the fabric.


Some care instructions are different by families of product:


  • Remove dust with vaccum cleaner or compressed air, avoid pulling or stretching the fabric.
  • Clean with a sponge soaked in soapy water.
  • Rinse with clear water.
  • Leave the blind down until completely dry.



  • Handle the fabric with use of gloves.
  • Clean with a damp soft cloth.
  • Leave the blind down until completely dry.


BLACKOUT 100% - KIBO 8500 - FLOCKE 11201 - KARELLIS 11301

  • Clean with a sponge soaked in soapy water (only on the textile side for Kibo 8500 and Flocké 11201 fabrics).
  • Rinse with clear water.
  • Leave the blind down until completely dry.

5 Year warranty

The solar protection fabrics in the Mermet®  collection, made of coated fibreglass yarns or treated fibreglass, are covered by a warranty of five years.
This warranty can be applied only under normal conditions of use and care of the fabrics as described in the technical specifications and according to the maintenance advice of Mermet in its catalogue.


The warranty is subject to full payment of the invoice and comes into effect on the date of purchase of the fabrics; it covers:

  • breaking strength: equal to at least 70% of its original value according to standard ISO 1421
  • the fire-resistance classifications specified in the product brochures of the MERMET® collection
  • uniform fading due to ultraviolet radiation
  • colour fastness to light: all colours of Mermet® fabrics (except White for which colour fastness is not guaranteed) have a value of 7/8 on a scale of 1 to 8 according to the standard ISO 105-B02.


Under this warranty, Mermet undertakes to replace free of charge the panels of fabric accepted as defective, after inspection and agreement by its quality department. For this purpose, the panels of fabric must be made available to Mermet. In case of replacement, the duration of the warranty is not extended and is still effective as from the date of purchase.
All claims must be submitted with the invoice of the fabric purchased and sent, within 30 days after the defect has been noticed, by registered letter to:

Service après-vente
58, chemin du Mont Maurin
38630 Veyrins - France

The warranty does not cover defects or deterioration due to the following reasons :

  • transport or storage conditions
  • poor preparation or making up 
  • improper mechanisms for use of the fabric
  • installation of the mechanism
  • normal wear and tear or ageing of the fabric
  • accidents, bad weather or neglect for which Mermet cannot be held liable: high winds, atmospheric pollution, accidental discharges.


Furthermore, the warranty does not cover the costs of labour, dismantling, reassembly and transport.
Mermet accepts no liability if the product is used for applications for which it was not intended.

Storage conditions

The fabric should always remain in its native outer packaging (plastic film, cardboard mandrel) during storage, and/or moving.

It is better to place the rolls of fabrics in individual cardboard tubes. The rolls of fabric should be stored horizontally, but not piled up, in a place where the temperature and level of humidity are as constant as possible. Long-time storage under high temperature (> 45° C) may cause fading of colours.
The fabric should never be folded. For long-term storage, it is strongly inadvisable to leave rolled or folded panels on top of each other.


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