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Eco friendly fabric

Sunscreen Mermet - Eco friendly fabrics

Many decisions we make in our everyday life can make a positive difference for the planet, that is why Sunscreen Mermet has decided to think "green" and produces eco-friendly fabrics.

In terms of solar protection, our eco-friendly fabrics comply with the requirements of the new products standards for "Blinds Performance Requirements". They guarantee as well the indoor air quality (limitation of Volatile Organic Compound - VOC).

Sunscreen Mermet fabrics benefit as well from the new EndurisTM Glass Core quality label. This label guarantees their technical characteristics:

  • mechanical resistance,
  • dimensional stability,
  • high-level durability,
  • eco-friendly

Eco friendly fabric : Discover on Sunscreen Mermet, all our references for eco friendly fabric. Sunscreen Mermet is the specialist of intelligent fabrics for blinds : eco friendly fabric, external blind fabric, fabric architecture,...

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