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Energy efficient fabric

Energy efficient fabrics: glass yarn technology by Sunscreen Mermet

Energy efficient fabrics manufactured using fiberglass yarn technology, are ideal solutions in the form of intelligent blinds, awnings and canopies for office buildings, businesses and homes. Sunscreen Mermet puts its expertise to the creation of high quality fabrics to help manage the visual, thermal and acoustic environment of a wide range of public and private spaces. 

At the forefront of design and manufacture of solar protection fabrics, Sunscreen Mermet is a world leader offering a wide range of energy efficient fabrics for both external and internal applications. With the strictest adherence to health and safety standards, customers around the globe trust the Sunscreen Mermet label for high quality solar protection solutions. Our products meet international standards for Fire and Smoke safety and are designed to respect the environment with low to zero chemical emissions.

Energy efficient fabrics available in a wide range of designs offer advantages beyond the improved comfort and control over the amount of light entering a room or of being able to maintain agreeable room temperatures. Our fabrics offer the highest quality thermal absorption and light control properties and help businesses of all kinds make marked savings in use of heating and air-conditioning. Technical blinds, panels and awnings benefit both the health & wellbeing of users, the business costs and the environment.

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Energy efficient fabrics for visual and themal comfort

The Sunscreen Mermet fiberglass technology provides energy efficiency for your space in attractive designs, add to the aesthetic value and blend discreetly into the setting. Customisable solutions allow businesses to use their solar protection fabric as a marketing tool in outdoor applications such as canopies, awnings or overhead covers. Our technology is adaptable to respond to each specific space and need in a unique and creative design.

With a wide selection of blinds, roller blinds, roman shades, skylight, or vertical panels with high performance solar protection, incorporated thermal absorption and light control properties, Sunscreen Mermet, provides attractive yet robust designs to enhance and improve both private and public spaces.

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