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External blinds- fibreglass fabrics by Sunscreen Mermet

External blinds developed by Sunscreen Mermet offer high performance solar protection for your building's needs. Using coated fibreglass yarn to create solar shade fabrics that meet the highest standards of tensile strength, resistance to harsh weather conditions and superior structural and colour stability for an external blind that will last over time.

At Sunscreen Mermet, we ensure that our external blinds provide the highest visual and themal comfort as well as provide effective solar protection for your office of work environment. Available in aesthetically pleasing designs to match your decor, external blinds are available for a wide variety of applications: roller blinds, roman shades, vertical blinds, velums or skylight blinds can be designed in the shades you desire with the most suitable transparency or dimming out of light required for comfort.

Sunscreen Mermet external blinds allow you to make savings in energy for heating and air conditioning. Solar protection blinds provide natural shade, heat control and if required, acoustics absorption to help create the ideal environment for all users.


External blind : Discover on Sunscreen Mermet, all our references for external blind. Sunscreen Mermet is the specialist of intelligent fabrics for blinds : external blind, external space fitting, fibreglass fabric,...

External blind fabrics: glass yarn technology for lasting quality

Sunscreen Mermet external blinds are designed using fibreglass yarn with coating providing high performance strength and resistance, as well as waterproofing and non-flammable qualities in line with French and International standards.Our fabrics comply with the requirements of the new products standards for "Blinds Performance Requirements": external blinds NF EN 13561.

Please do contact us to find out more about Sunscreen Mermet external blinds.


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