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Fibreglass fabric

Fibreglass fabric: technology for solar protection

Sunscreen Mermet technology in fibreglass fabrics offers quality and lasting solutions for solar protection, tensile structures, and acoustics correction for both business and residential buildings. With designs developed for both exterior and interior fittings, you can create the ideal environment for work or pleasure.

The Sunscreen Mermet range of blinds, roof shade structures, office space partitions and fittings are developed using fabrics of woven fibreglass yarns with a coating that ensures all prodcuts provide durable tensile strength, resistance to bad weather and offer both dimensional and colour stability.

Solar protection using fibreglass fabric blinds offers high levels of protection while maintaining the level of natural, incoming light for optimal visual and thermal comfort. Whether you need maximum transparency or transluent to blackout blinds, you have a choice of fabric to meet your needs.

Available in a wide variety of colours and with signage options, Sunscreen Mermet fibreglass fabrics are designed to fit perfectly with your decor and can serve as an effective visual communication tool. Discover the online Modulight Rapid Selection guide that will help you choose the right fabric for your application.


Fibreglass fabric : Discover on Sunscreen Mermet, all our references for fibreglass fabric. Sunscreen Mermet is the specialist of intelligent fabrics for blinds : fibreglass fabric, glare control fabric, internal acoustic comfort,...

Fibreglass fabric: a lasting solution for managing your environment

Sunscreen Mermet fibreglass fabrics come with a safety and quality guarantee. Dedicated to the highest quality, Sunscreen Mermet fabrics are lead-free, meet international standards for fire safety, low emissions of dangerous substances and fully comply with the "Blinds Performance Requirements for external and internal blinds.

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