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Fireproof fabric

Fireproof fabric: Elegant and safe blinds for your building

Sunscreen Mermet is a leader in the design and manufacture of fireproof fabrics used for external and internal blinds, tensile structures, signage and acoustic control fittings. With exports to over 60 countries, Sunscreen Mermet provides sunscreen, blackout and dim out blinds as a functional solution for solar protection and thermal comfort in buildings, offices and homes worldwide.

Fireproof fabrics from woven fibreglass yarn have earned fire and smoke classifications from several countries around the world. At the forefront of glass yarn technology, Sunscreen Mermet ensures the safety of its products, entirely non-flammable and in full compliance with the most demanding fire safety standards. In addition, with low to zero emissions of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases, our sunscreen fabrics have been awarded the Greenguard Gold label.

Fireproof fabric : Discover on Sunscreen Mermet, all our references for fireproof fabric. Sunscreen Mermet is the specialist of intelligent fabrics for blinds : fireproof fabric, intelligent fabric, internal blind fabric,...

Fireproof fabrics for thermal, visual and acoustic comfort

Sunscreen Mermet technical fabrics offer a highly safe solution for managing visual and thermal conditions of almost any interior space. Attractive designs which add to the aesthetic quality of the interior, our blinds play an important role in the improvement and management of light, heat and noise levels of an interior space. Our technical fabric offers total glare control, and varying degrees of filtering of light entering via glazing, according to the needs of each specific application. From glare control to thermal and acoustic absorption to full blackout blinds for video projection or night time comfort… possibilities for improving room conditions are vast and varied.

Durable and resistant blinds, awnings and canopy covers, Sunscreen Mermet fireproof fabrics withstand damage from wear and tear; and for blinds and panels used in external applications, high resistance to damage from poor weather conditions. Each and every product comes with a quality warranty.

To meet the specific technical requirements and aesthetic design of each unique space, a selection of blind applications are available, from vertical blinds, skylight, roller blinds, to decorative panels in robust and truly elegant designs that enhance and protect the environment.


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