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Sunscreen Mermet is a world leader in the design and manufacture of internal blinds which enhance both the atmospheric conditions and aesthetic qualities of a room, hall, entrance or any interior space requiring sunscreen, thermal or acoustic management. Designed to enhance the user experience of an interior space, Sunscreen Mermet internal blinds are also an energy efficient solution providing comfort for homes, hotels, offices, public buildings.

Designed with aesthetic finish, Sunscreen Mermet internal blinds are made from intelligent fabric, based on fiberglass yarn technology. The complete range of blinds, panels, partitions and fittings for skylights and velums meets the needs for different levels of solar protection, heat absorption and acoustic control. Depending on specific requirements, Sunscreen Mermet provides blinds with 100% transparency with total glare control to blinds with complete dimming out of external light, such as the Blackout 100% range.

Technical internal blinds can remove the discomfort of incoming light while maintaining the advantages of natural daylight entering a room, reduce the heat produced by incoming sun rays with high-level thermal absorbent fabric design or improve noise levels with a internal blind with acoustic absorption properties.

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Internal blinds: Quality and safety warranty

Sunscreen Mermet internal blinds are available in different shades and dimensions and varying degrees of sun protection, thermal absorption and acoustic absorption properties to blend harmoniously into the interior decor and provide optimal comfort. Blinds can be matched with curtains, valances, pelmets or tails to give a complete decorative finish, as well as, provide a printable surface for any signage projects.

The Sunscreen Mermet brand offers maximal security for buildings and homes. All our products have undergone thorough testing and have been awarded certification for fire and smoke safety from several countries and comply with health and safety standards for low to zero emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. We continue to hold to our vision of designing intelligent blinds of the highest standards. Feel free to consult our brochures and contact our team about your future projects.


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