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Amazon Court

Published on:Thursday 29 April 2010


The third building of the River City Prague development project, located in the Karlin business district in the north-west of the historical centre of Prague, Amazon Court, with 19,800m 2  of offices spread over 6 floors, was the recipient of a special award* at MIPIM 2008. 
With over 2,000m² of floor space and 32m high, this totally original area is characterized by the priority given to the circulation of light and an imposing geometry, all in complete synergy with the structure. For its construction, the architects used the most innovative of materials. Accordingly, the SV 10% fabric by Mermet was selected to fit out the 1,031 printed decorative panels, a total of over 12,000m² of fabric, covering the vertical glass façades. 

Aesthetic demands

The colour 0202 White was chosen for reworking by digital printing in 7 different colours and all covered with motifs from the Amazon jungle. The decorative panels positioned all around the atrium’s perimeter have been organized into modules of 4 panels shaped into rectangles and trapeziums giving the façade a harmonious vitality. These decorative panels are ideal for the 3m floor height. Perfectly integrated into the architecture of the building, Mermet® fabrics give the construction an unforgettable aesthetic experience, both by day and by night. 

Amazon court 02

Technical quality

Mermet was required to meet two main objectives: to satisfy user requirements in terms of solar protection, and to ensure thermal comfort, particularly in summer, while minimizing energy consumption.  In this regard, the SV 10% fabric meets all the requirements:

  • excellent transparency and lets natural light pass through,
  • efficient solar protection against glare and heat,
  • exceptional dimensional smoothness and stability, very good tear resistance.
Amazon court 02

© : Schmidt Hammer Lassen architects - Bohemiaflex - Mermet SAS

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