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Published on:Monday 11 December 2017


The figurehead of the new office complex in the Paris Rive Gauche development area in the district of Austerlitz, the Be Open building stands out thanks to its highly contemporary aesthetics including walls that glisten due to the undulating form of its sun-shading structures. 
On the exterior there is a constant interplay of forms that evolve throughout the day in response to the sun; on the interior, priority is given to transparency and natural lightcontrol of visual and thermal comfort has also been fundamental for this building that houses the main offices of the Métropole du Grand Paris.
The technical demands and the requirement for perfect integration with the facades could only be met by the Satiné 5500 fabric from Mermet, the market leader in the design of solar protection fabrics.


Mermet controls light in the Be Open building

Interchanging between a matt, satin, sparkling and evanescent effect, this building with 8,700m² of offices and 600m² of shops on the ground floor benefits from a letterbox window system which alternates breast walls with rectangular windows on each of its 7 floors, optimising access to natural light and enabling all the offices to benefit from direct light.

This principle offers a major advantage in terms of independent access to daylight and thereby guarantees low energy consumption. All the facade frames open during the day, naturally ventilating the offices. All facades exposed to sunlight are also fitted with exterior roller blinds, connected to the building's GTB heat management system.


Shared light

In order to retain all the power of this engaging facade, we do not wish to add any further graphical elements: perfect integration of the blinds has been an essential requirement.
We initially considered a range of shades but ultimately selected the colour grey (reference 0101) for its discretion and neutrality."  Jean-Pierre Lévêque – Managing Partner of Brenac-Gonzalez.


866 Solozip® vertical roller blinds from Griesser (1.80m x 1.35m), with excellent wind resistance, were installed on the 4 facades. By preventing the heat from penetrating the building in the summer, the Satiné 5500 fabric protects the work areas and offers optimum solar protection.

Following the principles of energy excellence and environmental performance, the Be Open building is the perfect partner for solar protection of the highest quality. The Satiné 5500 fabric by Mermet provides the answers, and this French company has once again demonstrated its effectiveness and expertise!


©  Griesser - Brenac & Gonzalez und Partner - Sergio Grazia, Stefan Tuchila - Mermet SAS

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