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Chauray aquatic centre

Published on:Monday 20 July 2009


Constructed from a three-dimensional framework, both aesthetic and hi-tech, the Chauray swimming pool structure required complete refurbishment. The old solution using a fabric covered with mineral wool was successful from the acoustics point of view, but has suffered significant deterioration over time (eventually the mineral wool had to be removed).  
The product sought after by the acoustician needed to be a decorative, non-fibrous and durable fabric, with acoustic properties at least equal to those of the original solution (average reaction time ≤ 1.5s). The installation of Acoustis® 50 by Mermet was always going to prove successful : In total, 108 triangles (3m x 3m x 3.90m) of Mermet® panels, that’s 670m 2 , were used.

centre aquatique chauray

Guaranteed results

This type of public building needs to limit the ambient sound level, and to help communication by improving the intelligibility of the spoken word. By significantly  reducing acoustic reverberation (absorption coefficient αw ≥ 0.7), Acoustis® 50 meets both these objectives. This is fully backed up by the before-and-after study carried out by an acoustician at the site. 

The installation of Acoustis® 50 by Mermet was always going to prove successful thanks to:

  • its coated glass fibre weave and special patented acoustic weft which enable it to absorb sound waves without the addition of fibrous materials or foam, i.e.: a light acoustic solution, very thin, which is easy to install, and an obvious decorative advantages with 12 different colours available,
  • its rot-proof qualities and thermal resistance which enable it to be installed indoors or outdoors, guaranteeing a healthy atmosphere in even the most humid environments,
  • its high mechanical resistance to breaking, tearing or folding and its perfect dimensional stability, enabling it to be installed in a tensile structure,
  • its safety guarantee. With a non-flammable fire classification, certified to Greenguard® and Oeko-tex standard 100, and bearer of the Enduris™ Glass Core quality  label, Acoustis® 50 meets all the requirements for use in public areas.
centre aquatique chauray 1

Reduced acoustic reverberation

Measures taken before work started, with a perforated tank and a tensile ceiling textile (minus the already-removed rock wool), showed a reverberation duration of 1.9s, i.e; a relatively good performance level for this type of building. After work was complete, the reduction in average reaction time was significant with a final reverberation level of just 1.4s, way exceeding expectations!

centre aquatique chauray 1

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