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Gadagne Museum

Published on:Monday 21 September 2009


The brand new Gadagne museum in the city of Lyon, was opened in the presence of Christine Albanel, Minister of Culture and Communication, on 12th June 2009. The building complex situated at the heart of "Old Lyon", an area designated as a World Heritage Site, includes the Lyon History Museum and the Puppets of the World Museum. A magnificent Renaissance building, itself classified as a Historic Monument in 1920, it is reopening its doors after 10 years of restoration.
To protect the historical works and other  bjets d’art, the architect (Bizouard et Pin Architecture) selected the M-Screen 8503 fabrics for the 146 interior moveable frames  specially designed to provide solar protection, and for the 16 printed kakemonos used as signage in certain rooms.

Musée Gadagne 01

Solar protection between light and transparency

The selected fabric must meet two main requirements: to provide sufficient brightness quality while limiting the amount of natural light. The proposed solution was a  fairly original one: fitted as a sheet stretched over a frame, just a few centimetres from the existing window panes. The attachment system, fixed on one side and held down by magnetisation on the other, allows the frame to be opened like a superimposed window.

Musée Gadagne 02

Adaptable to all applications

The architect’s overriding requirement was to maintain the harmony of the buildings. It was therefore necessary to find a supplier who could offer unique solutions in the area of solar protection and signage. In addition to the 146 window panels, 16 kakemonos were therefore produced for printing. Not being able to fix directly onto the original walls, the tensile panels are secured by cords to the floors and ceiling.

Musée Gadagne 02

With each individual fabric panel able to provide both solar protection and signage, Mermet offers the museum a harmonious and high-quality solution. The decorative colour 0207 White Pearl and the basketweave of this coated fibreglass fabric offer transparency and thermal comfort while controlling the amount of natural light.

©Gadagne Musées - Bizouard et Pin Architecture - Normandie Gravure - Moreno - M. Couderette - Mermet S.A.S.

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