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Head office of the Uría Menéndez lauw firm

Published on:Tuesday 15 February 2022

URÍA MENÉNDEZ, one of Spain’s most prestigious law firms, has moved into its new head office designed by Rafael de la Hoz in the heart of Calle del Príncipe de Vergara in Madrid.

The envelope of this magnificent building consists of sheets of glass, some almost ten metres wide and three metres tall. They transform the appearance and energy efficiency of the former building. This bioclimatic façade promotes ventilation in summer and conserves heat in winter.

To preserve the building users’ privacy, guarantee robust thermal protection and achieve light quality suited to the building’s administrative use, the architect chose Mermet® fabrics for the 280 interior blinds installed by Estores Kamp in Madrid:


M-Screen 8505 colour Pearl

The fabric offers excellent thermal comfort while allowing natural light to enter the room. The transparency of the fabric maintains a very good view of the outside.
Available in 22 colours and extended widths (up to 320 cm), this stylish, decorative fabric adapts perfectly to modern interiors while protecting them from heat and glare.

Uria Karellis

Karellis 11301 colour Chartreux

100% blackout fabric, used in meeting rooms for projections, it also provides good protection against heat. A lightweight, thin fabric, it fits into compact casings.

With its ability to offer solutions meeting the latest energy consumption standards, Mermet works constantly to consolidate its position as the ideal response for both thermal protection and visual comfort.

Uria Karellis


© Rafael de La Hoz – Estores Kamp SL – Juan de Sande - Mermet SAS

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