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High performance outdoor Screen fabric

Published on:Wednesday 15 May 2019

Solar protection plays a major role in bioclimatic facades by directly influencing the energy consumption associated with the use of air conditioning and heating in buildings.

Fabrics for external blinds offer a better thermal protection because solar radiation, partly absorbed by the fabric before reaching the glazing, is reflected outwards. Dark colours provide a better heat protection than light colours because as absorb more solar energy.
It is also possible to optimize the natural light and reduce the use of artificial lighting thanks to the wide choice of openness factors of Mermet fabrics.



Satiné 5500 ideal fabric for pergolas

Recently, the pergola has become a fashionable and indispensable element to enjoy outdoors, whether in private home or in cafes, hotels, restaurants.

They allow to create new outdoor living spaces with a good solar protection and optimal natural venting depending on the user’s needs.

Satiné 5500 fabric is the most suitable solution for this application thanks to its high resistance to weather, wind and UV and its excellent thermal and optical performance: it protects against heat and excessive light while offering a high quality of transparency. Available in 52 colours and up to a width of 320 cm, the Satiné 5500 fabric allows to create design and decorative outdoor spaces.





Feltrinelli foundation

It is the most eagerly anticipated architectural project in Milan: the Feltrinelli Foundation. Thermal comfort, light control, transparency and seamless integration within the facades were the main objectives of this exceptional project. This unique technical challenge was successfully met by Mermet ! The award-winning Pritzker Prize architects selected the Satiné 5500 fabric for its astounding levels of performance and its ability to adapt to the unusual constraints specified for the building.

The Feltrinelli Foundation represents the typical farms from the Lombardy region: long and narrow with a 2-pitch roof. In this ultra modern version, the facades and roof are fully glazed. Over its 7 floors, the premises accommodate multifunctional areas designed to host artistic screenings and events, alongside offices, meeting rooms and the head office of Microsoft Italy.  Light control was therefore of fundamental importance in order to:

  • Eliminate backlight in the offices, notably on projection screens;
  • Provide optimum visual comfort for users occupying the rooms;
  • Combat the glare caused by reflected sunlight;
  • Guarantee thermal comfort by offering protection against heat;
  • Provide perfect transparency with a clear view over this historical district whose architecture dates back to the 15th century.

Furthermore, certain facades with a 30-degree slope and fitted with trapezoidal windows represented a particular challenge for the fitting of blinds. Accordingly, 320 ZIP roller blinds from the manufacturer Resstende equipped with the Satiné 5500 fabric and colour 0130 Grey Charcoal by Mermet, have been deployed on the southern facade.


BE OPEN building

The Be Open building in Paris stands out thanks to its highly contemporary aesthetics including walls that glisten due to the undulating form of its sun-shading structures. On the exterior there is a constant interplay of forms that evolve throughout the day in response to the sun; on the interior, priority is given to transparency and natural lightcontrol of visual and thermal comfort has also been fundamental for this building that houses the main offices of the Métropole du Grand Paris.

The technical demands and the requirement for perfect integration with the facades could only be met by the Satiné 5500 fabric from Mermet.
866 Solozip® vertical roller blinds from Griesser (1.80m x 1.35m), with excellent wind resistance, were installed on the 4 facades. By preventing the heat from penetrating the building in the summer, the Satiné 5500 fabric protects the work areas and offers optimum solar protection.
« …In order to retain all the power of this engaging facade, we do not wish to add any further graphical elements: perfect integration of the blinds has been an essential requirement…We initially considered a range of shades but ultimately selected the colour grey (reference 0101) for its discretion and neutrality..."  Jean-Pierre Lévêque – Managing Partner of Brenac-Gonzalez

Following the principles of energy excellence and environmental performance, the Be Open building is the perfect partner for solar protection of the highest quality. The Satiné 5500 fabric by Mermet provides the answers, and this French company has once again demonstrated its effectiveness and expertise!


© Griesser - Brenac & Gonzalez und Partner - Sergio Grazia - Stefan Tuchila - Resstende - Mario Cucinella Architects - Fabio Di Carlo courtesy of Resstende Srl - Herzog & de Meuron - Feltrinelli - Mermet SAS


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