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Published on:Monday 13 March 2017


The COP 21 agreement introduced stricter measures to tackle climate change, with energy saving playing a critical role in the construction industry. A world where solar protection minimises energy demand and restricts greenhouse gas emissions is now becoming essential.
A new large-width fabric, the Karellis 11301 fabric supplements the 100% Blackout range by Mermet.

Ecole infirmière

Karellis 11301 FOR INSIDE

Available in a large width of 300cm, it is ideal for equipping wide bay windows without a join: it is now the widest in the 100% Blackout range by Mermet and one of the widest blackout fabrics on the market. In addition to its usual vertical installation, it can also be used railroaded for wide blinds, thereby minimising fabric waste. It meets the health and safety requirements of public buildings thanks to its M1 fire safety classification in France and B1 classification in Germany.

Salle associative Saint Nazaire


100% opaque, this PVC-free fabric made of coated polyester:

  • blocks out 100% of light rays (500W) and UV;
  • offers unequalled thermal comfort by regulating temperature in summer and winter alike;
  • is easy to maintain, cleaning simply requires a damp sponge.

A fine fabric and extremely light, even large dimensions fit perfectly into small blind cassettes.

Salle associative Saint Nazaire

Available in 6 harmonious and warm colours adaptable to all decorative styles: Black 606, Loutre 609, Chartreux 608, Sahel 623, Mississippi 618 and White 600, the Karellis 11301 has identical colours on both sides for a harmonious facade effect when viewed from the outside.

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