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M-Screen Ultimetal®

Published on:Tuesday 11 December 2018

Always striving to improve performance, Mermet has reached another milestone. Its new fabric M-Screen Ultimetal®, offers unprecedented levels of excellence in indoor applications with the lowest levels of emissivity on the market, ensuring both high protection against heat  and control of light, with all available colours providing the same level of performance. The patented M-Screen Ultimetal® supplements the range of interior fabrics produced by Mermet, the market leader in the design of technical solar protection fabrics, once again demonstrating the company’s innovation credentials.


New generation of thermal shields

With one screen side and one metallic side, the M-Screen Ultimetal ®  fabric combines thermal comfort and visual comfort. It also offers unique performance levels in all the available colours:

  • Very low emissivity of 5%: the fabric acts as an effective thermal insulator in its own right
  • Very high solar reflection level of 83%
  • Very low visual transmission (Tv of between 3% and 4%)
  • Easy maintenance thanks to its water-repellent coating, enabling it to be installed in humid atmospheres or those liable to condensation (double-skin facade).

The M-Screen Ultimetal® fabric therefore guarantees:

  • Excellent thermal comfort: reflects back up to 90% of the solar energy (gtot = 0.10 / glazing g = 0.32 and U = 1.1)
  • Total control of glare and unwelcome reflections: filters up to 97% of light rays
  • High transparency quality
  • The same performance level for all coulours: no more need to decide between light or dark, its effectiveness remains the same
  • 2 available widths (200 and 285cm), ideal for large glazed areas and for optimising the finish of the screen.


High-performance and aesthetic, the M-Screen Ultimetal®  fabric from Mermet offers users maximum comfort and reduces energy consumption, contributing towards obtaining credits in various eco-efficiency programmes for buildings, such as BEPOS, BBC, LEED and BREEAM.


Download M-Screen Ultimetal® brochure

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