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Mermet awarded its FDES

Published on:Monday 21 February 2022

Mermet has now an individual FDES « Transparent Sunscreen® technical fabrics for exterior and interior sun protection, including confection », which is available in the INIES database or on request.

The fabrics covered are:

  • SCREEN VISION range: SV 1%, SV 3%, SV 5%, SV 10%
  • SCREEN DESIGN range: M-Screen 8501, M-Screen 8503, M-Screen 8505
  • SCREEN THERMIC range: S2 1%, S2 3%, S2 5%
  • EXTERNAL SCREEN CLASSIC range: Satiné 5500, Satiné 5501, Natté 4503, Ultravision
  • ACOUSTICS range: Acoustis® 50


FDES Image

In force since January 2022 for housing and from July 2022 for certain tertiary buildings, the RE2020 environmental regulation requires reductions in the carbon impact of buildings. FDES will thus become increasingly useful for calculating the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of a building (carbon emitted by the construction of building).

What is an FDES?

An FDES is an environment and health declaration form that describes the environmental profile of a product based on its Life Cycle Assessment. It quantifies the product’s various environmental impacts.
The indicators quoted in an FDES make it possible to choose a specific product or construction method with high environmental performance for a particular project. FDES also help in the award of environmental certificates for buildings such as HQE, BREEAM®, LEED® or BBC.


Read more about FDES

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