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Mermet fabrics in thermal software

Published on:Tuesday 06 September 2022

Vignette Base Thermique

Designers of architectural projects

determine the energy efficiency of buildings as part of an environmentally-friendly approach. Software programs are used to calculate especially the thermal insulation performance coefficient of joinery and façades.
Our fabrics are included in several software programs and databases used to carry out these thermal studies :

EQUA : a Swedish company which develops simulation tools for buildings. It’s also a database referencing 45 Mermet fabrics which means they are also included in the following simulation software programs :

Vignette Base Thermique
  • ESBO (Early Stage Building Optimization) a simulation tool for optimizing building design based on the IDA ICE calculation engine.
  • IDA Indoor Climate and Energy (IDA ICE) which accurately models buildings, guaranteeing the lowest possible energy consumption and the best possible occupant comfort.

- WINSLT® : a German database and software program for calculating the photometric, solar and thermal characteristics of glazing in combination with solar shading. 100 Mermet fabrics are referenced in the base.

ES-SDA (European Solar Shading Database) : developed by the ES-SO organization, this database provides information on fabric properties with or without glazing and for a variety of formats required on the database market (Edibatec, ESBO, EPBD, Energy Performance Indicator…). These data were validated by an independent peer-reviewing committee. 60 Mermet fabrics are referenced in the database.

Today, solar shading is a key item in the design of sustainable buildings. It helps to reduce energy consumption by cutting down on the use of heating, air conditioning and artificial lighting. It plays an equally important role for occupant well-being and comfort by simultaneously offering thermal protection, natural light management and transparency.

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