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MERMET, the renewed brand for all European sunscreen fabrics manufacturers

Published on:Wednesday 20 March 2024

We are proud to announce remarkable news: from now on we will develop, produce and distribute all sunscreen fabrics in Europe under one brand: the fully rebranded MERMET. The expertise built up over decades by the Belgian companies Helioscreen and Copaco, the French company Mermet and the Spanish distributor Screen Protectors will be pooled into one collection. The production and logistics capacities in Belgium, France and Spain are joining forces.
Bringing all sunscreen fabric collections together fits the Hunter Douglas Group’s ambition to elevate customer satisfaction even more, to make it easier and clearer for all of you. How? By aligning the product portfolio, optimising production and distribution, pooling marketing and R&D resources and by linking all knowledge and expertise.

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The name Mermet was retained as the European umbrella brand name, because of its strong brand equity in Europe, as well as on other continents. However, the brand has received a complete redesign, underscoring our ambition to create the utmost comfort at every level.
The baseline of the renewed Mermet is no coincidence: The original sunscreen fabric. Since 1951, our passionate team of experts has been on a mission to help create peaceful, intimate, and calm places to work and live in. Joining forces today under the renewed brand, will empower the different entities to continue to produce and distribute qualitative sunscreen fabrics that provide thermal and optical comfort and optimise energy consumption. Long lasting and easy to maintain.

new collection int

New interior collection

This new collection of fabrics for interior applications was presented under the new MERMET brand at the R+T fair in Stuttgart in last February. It has been divided into 6 ranges: Essentials, High Performance, Evolution, Darkening, Decorative et Basics. It allows customers to explore the perfect offer of style and functionality for every space and find their perfect interior fabric match. ‘We aligned our product portfolio to pool our expertise and to make it clearer and easier for our customers’, says Caroline Mermet, Marketing Manager . ‘We now offer a very wide range of interior sunscreen fabrics with about 300 references. No matter the colour, the density or width you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.’

new collection int
  • The Essentials range includes Screen Vision, M-Screen and Panama Pro fabrics. These are the fabrics most widely acclaimed for their quality and performance, thanks in particular to their weaving in different densities to improve solar protection depending on the orientation of the building.
  • The High Performance range includes Optimal, Panama Chrome+ and Acoustis® 50 fabrics. These innovative fabrics offer high added value and best-in-class performance for glare control, temperature management or acoustical comfort.
  • The Evolution range which includes Screen Nature, Ulterio, Zilario 3 and Sea-Tex™ Sterling fabrics. These "new generation" textiles have been designed for their innovative character and created for a sustainable lifestyle (for example the use of recycled PET bottles for the composition of the fabrics).
  • The Darkening range offers a broad selection of fabrics tailored to optimise both darkening and privacy in a room. It includes Kibo, Flocké, Karellis, Opac Plain and Ruka fabrics.
  • The Decorative range which includes Panama Deco, Impressions, Abu Dhabi, Oslo, Pentagrama and Ryiadh fabrics. This highly decorative range is designed to enhance an interior with fabrics with unique designs.
  • The Basics range to appeal to a very price-conscious public. It includes Natté PES and Shadow 24, cost-effective fabrics that offer reliable performance. Thanks to its high fire resistance, Shadow 24 is also suitable for high-speed trains.


As you can see, MERMET now offers a very wide range of interior sunscreen fabrics with 23 fabrics and about 300 references to adapt all requirements.

Visit the new website mermet.eu.com to discover the PDF brochures.

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