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Published on:Wednesday 26 June 2019

Couverture Bookprojets


We present our ARCHITECTURE BOOK highlighting prestigious architectural projects where our fabrics are installed in office buildings, museums and public spaces...

Mermet fabrics are suitable for all configurations and add genuine functional and aesthetic value to your projects!

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Couverture Bookprojets


Designed to stop the sun's rays before they even reach the windows, outside blinds are the most effective method to control heat. In summer, they reduce by 5 to 15°C the room's temperature in a highly glazed facade building. In Winter, they limit heat loss and consequently reduce the need of heating.

Mermet offers a range of fabrics well-known for their performances in outdoor applications:

16 Gamme Satine 5500 Version Gb


With a palette of 52 colours including four RAL shades to match the most popular facade colours in Europe and with several widths up to 320 cm to fit large-sized windows, this fabric meets all the requirements. It provides excellent thermal protection by rejecting up to 96% of solar energy and perfect glare control thanks to the twill weave design optimising natural light.
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26 Gamme Satine 5501

Satiné 5501

This tight fabric, improving thermal and optical performances, filters 98% of light rays for excellent glare control and rejects 98% of solar energy for optimum thermal comfort. Lightweight and thin, this fabric fits perfectly into small blind cassettes. It is available in 6 colours, and in a width of 320 cm, to fit large-sized windows.
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26 Gamme Satine 5501
17 Gamme Natt 4503

Natté 4503

Tight basket weave fabric for perfect glare and heat control. It filters up to 97% of light rays and rejects 92% of solar radiation. It is available in 16 colours and 2 widths (250 and 320 cm) to optimise the manufacture of fabric panels.
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15 Gamme 5500 Metal Version Gb

5500 Métal

Metalised Screen fabric on one face for outdoor applications, it combines maximum thermal and visual comfort: 98% solar energy rejected and 97% of light rays filtered. It is highly transparent to allow excellent vision outside. Available in 4 colours, 285 cm wide.
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15 Gamme 5500 Metal Version Gb
18 Gamme Ultravision Version Gb


This fabric has been developed as a building textile envelope while combined with indoor solar protection. Its 24% of openness factor lets maximum of natural light to reducing consequently the use of artificial lighting, representing today the largest proportion of energy consumption in non-residential buildings. It is available in 4 colours, 250 cm wide.
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24 Gamme Satine 21154

Satiné 21154

This 100% blackout fabric blocks all light and UV rays to 100,000 Lux whilst providing genuine thermal comfort (up to 97% of solar energy rejected). With 7 colours coming from the Satiné 5500 fabric range, it creates a perfect facade harmony. It is available in 210 cm.
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24 Gamme Satine 21154

All these fabrics for outdoor applications withstand strongly both weather and discolouration from UV. They are entirely appropriate for ZIP type side channel mechanisms.


actu book Cuatrecasas

Mermet fabrics in thermal software programs


Designers of architectural projects determine the energy efficiency of buildings as part of an environmentally-friendly approach.
Software programs are used to calculate especially the thermal insulation efficiency coefficient of joinery and facades.

Mermet fabrics are included in several software programs used to carry out these thermal studies:

  •  Physalis: tool for calculate the solar and light factor of a chassis with or without protection and the coefficient of thermal transmission, in compliance with RT 2012
  • Vitrages Décision (VD): tool developed by Ginger CEBTP for thermal calculations of insulating glazing with various components (blinds, films, dividers, etc.)
  • Textinergie: this tool is used to assess potential energy savings in a building through textile solar protections
  • ES-SDA (European Solar Shading Database): developed by the ES-SO organisation, this database can calculate energy efficiency of glazing-related solar protection products



Proscreen Partner

Under our ProScreen by Mermet offer, our partners STORES DE France in Caen, DECORITEX in Cormelles le Royal and DUPUY STORES in Saint-Etienne have opted for the installation of our display unit in their showrooms. As a reminder, the unit allow to:

  • present the Mermet fabric range: 40 samples, displayed on hangers, for indoor and outdoor applications
  • promote and compare the transparency of the fabrics for up to 3 at a time thanks to backlighting
  • consult the Mermet brochures

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