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New Nexans innovation hub

Published on:Monday 10 October 2022

Inaugurated in June 2022, Ampacity, the new Nexans research and innovation hub in Lyon, brings together a hundred or so engineers, researchers and technicians to work on tomorrow’s electrification challenges.


In this building of almost 6000 m² open to the outside with its huge plate glass windows, but also to the inside through its open-space design, the architect AFAA ARCHITECTURE aimed to maximise the insertion of natural light for the comfort of users. So it was a natural step for us to choose our Screen Nature Ultimetal® fabric (1306 Bronze colour) for the 250 indoor blinds to provide the occupants with visual and thermal comfort while letting light into the premises. Warema, as blinds manufacturer, and Lenoir Métallerie, as installer, were selected to work with this fabric..


Thanks to its metallised face

to glass, the Screen Nature Ultimetal® fabric skilfully combines high solar reflectance (74%), a low emissivity of 10% and outstanding visible transmission (Tv = 6%), irrespective of the colour.
Thermal comfort is total and both glare and unwanted reflections are kept under control. It also allows optimum insertion of natural light, while its transparency maintains good through-vision.


Besides its outstanding

sunscreen properties, Screen Nature Ultimetal® boasts many assets:

  • A PVC-free, halogen-free and polyester-free glass fibre fabric, it guarantees minimum environmental impact
  • Incombustible, no smoke emission (classification: M0 - A2,s1-d0 – F0)
  • Very slim, ideal for blinds fitted into constricted spaces.

By controlling the sun’s action on buildings, Mermet® fabrics ensure user comfort and well-being (glare control, temperature management, etc.) and reduce energy consumption while limiting the need for artificial lighting and air conditioning. A hot topic right now!


© AFAA Architecture - Warema - Aurélien Poulat - Mermet SAS

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