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Optimal solar protection in Vinay school canteen

Published on:Tuesday 06 September 2022

Pupils at schools in Vinay in Isère can now enjoy a brand new school canteen.
Designed by the Thierry Dubuc architecture firm, the canteen aims to be attractive and functional to improve the welcome given to the children.

Restaurant scolaire vinay03

With a 100% glass façade,

the building required optimum thermal and visual protection that could respond to the challenges of heat and glare while integrating perfectly with the façade.
The architect thus chose Mermet’s Satiné 5500 fabric, in the warm colour 0909 Mandarin, for the interior blinds made by the blind manufacturer Warema, which are almost five metres tall.

Restaurant scolaire vinay02

The fabric provides:

  • perfect glare control while optimising the supply of natural light: up to 96% of the sun’s rays are filtered
  • good protection against heat: it rejects 76% of the sun’s
  • a clear view outdoors thanks to its unrivalled level of transparency
  • easy cleaning: a damp sponge is enough to clean the blinds when needed
  • excellent dimensional stability ensuring perfect flatness for these very tall blinds.
Restaurant scolaire vinay02

Available in 52 colours and four widths of up to 320 cm for very large windows, Satiné 5500 meets the needs of buildings open to the public with its M1 fire retardant rating and its Greenguard® Gold certification guaranteeing the quality of indoor air.

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© Samuel Moraud - Warema - Atelier d'architecture Thierry Dubuc - Mermet SAS


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