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Published on:Wednesday 05 November 2008


In view of the resonance characteristics and strong echo, how can a chapel be converted into an auditorium?  
This wa  th  challenge taken up by acousticia  Alain Tisseyre, who called in the firm Mermet, to help him within this development project at Pau chapel. It is an unusual development for a historical monument, calling for skilful design and use of the most highly specialized acoustics research. 14 panels of Acoustis® 50 installed within a high tension structure, will from now on allow the chapel to hold concerts for religious and orchestral music. 

chapelle-pau 01

A single installation

The installation of 4 Acoustis® 50 panels on the aisle ceiling, and 2 smaller panels in the transept, designed to provide perfect acoustic correction and which:

  • preserves the chapel’s architectural appearance for the audience. The installation of the panels does not alter or hide the structure of the nave from the perspective of the audience
chapelle-pau 01
  • provides complete coverage of the upper reaches of the aisle stage-side, thereby increasing the precision and spatialization of the sound image. Sound is no longer concentrated in the chancel and reverberation is reduced.

And finally, on top of these 6 high tension panels, 8 others were installed laterally, fitting onto the alcoves in the side walls of the aisle.

Thanks to the experience of the Mermet company and Alain Tisseyre, the chapel is now able to hold concerts which are normally held in a proper auditorium. It is an original idea which might provoke a little envy!

® Tisseyre & associés - Prat - Voilerie du Sud Ouest - Mermet S.A.S.

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