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Puig Tower of Barcelona

Published on:Tuesday 26 November 2013

The fruit of collaboration between Rafael Moneo, Lucho Martial and GCA  Arquitectos Asociados, the Puig Tower, covering some 23,000m² at ground level, has been designed to become the head office of the family company of the same name and to celebrate its centenary at the same time. A flagship for the brand, a historical name in the world of luxury goods, the tower grabs the attention through its originality, modernity and innovative features. Located in the new business district of Barcelona on the Plaça Europa, the 21-floor tower is drenched in sunlight, day in and day out.  This was a key design factor in order to ensure optimum working conditions.

Since September this year, the French  company has been supplying the Puig Tower, which rises high into the skies over Barcelona with blinds made from the 5500  Métal fabric, renowned for its technical, environmental and design qualities. 


Between light and transparency

The building plays with the light in 2 different ways:

  • Oblique and translucent sunshields form a permanent pattern over the building's façade,  
  • 860 interior blinds made from 5500 Métal (5,900m² in total) provide excellent glare control and optimum thermal protection,
  • Regarding the grey shade selected, in this case chosen to reduce the percentage of light transmission, it maintains a comfortable level of natural light and offers greater transparency,  providing very clear outside visibility.

5500 Métal, the fruit of Mermet's R&D

When the 5500 Métal is selected by the greatest architects, it's because it is still the only metallic screen fabric on the market available in large width sizes for interior and exterior applications. While benefiting from the same performance levels as the Satiné 5500 fabric, the metallic reflective face of  5500 Métal further accentuates thermal and optical performance, reaching unequalled levels of effectiveness for a dark shade used on an interior blind. And, in addition to its intrinsic qualities, the fabric provides a perfect aesthetic marriage with the grey façade thanks to the seamless integration of the metallic effect within the overall building.


By softening the effects of the Barcelona sun, Mermet has once again proven its ability to offer specific solutions to any challenge demanding the harmonisation of visual comfort and thermal protection. At a time when energy consumption is a major concern for us all, using the 5500 Metal also makes it possible to gain credits in eco-efficient and eco-designed building programmes (LEED or BREEAM, Passiv Haus, DGNB, HEQ, etc.). An approach not to be ignored in current times!

© : Rafael Moneo, Lucho Martial and GCA Arquitectos Asociados - Cortinsa - Puig - Mermet SAS

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