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Published on:Monday 25 January 2021

is one of the major attractions in the Quartiere delle Albere, the new 116,300 m² eco-district, built on the former Michelin site in Trento, Italy. This large interactive science museum is part of an ambitious environmental redevelopment project that reconnects the city with its natural surroundings, the Adige river and the Dolomites. With the aim of achieving LEED Gold certification, the building was designed with the greatest respect for environmental sustainability standards, consumes very little energy and prioritises renewable resources. Mermet's Satiné 5501 fabric was a natural choice, both for its performance and for the comfort it provides for the building’s users.

Actu Muse 1

Sustainable development project

The building uses solar and geothermal energy, rainwater tanks and light wells... and makes plentiful use of high-efficiency systems, ventilation and natural light. According to Renzo Piano's assessments, “these measures should reduce energy consumption by two thirds, compared with a normal building.”
The energy system goes hand-in-hand with careful design of the building envelope, the insulation type and thickness, the windows and the shading systems, to maximise the building's energy performance. A sophisticated system of blinds, controlled by temperature sensors, regulates light and heat from the sun, all year round.


Musee Muse 2

Satiné 5501 internal roller blinds

This just left the problem of glare in the offices, located beneath the glazed sloping roofs. Satiné 5501 was selected for th tensioned roller blinds, custom-made by Resstende, and a special substrate was designed for the minimum environmental and architectural impact and guaranteeing exceptional fabric tension.
With a single large width of 320 cm, well suited to the broad contemporary windows, the colour 0707 Pearl was chosen from among the six making up the range.

Musee Muse 2

This dense fabric:

  • provide total glare control by filtering out up to 98% of light rays  (Tv = 2 %),
  • resists fading due to UV radiation, which it filters at up to 98%,
  • provides excellent heat protection: up to 83% of solar energy is blocked in interior use.

In terms of both solar reflection and glare control, the performance of the Satiné 5501 fabric from Mermet plays an essential role in keeping the Trento museum’s users comfortable. Above all, by contributing to the building's LEED Gold certification, Mermet proves that sun protection has become an essential aspect of any effective environmental project.


Download Satiné 5501 brochure


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