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Published on:Tuesday 11 December 2018

All Mermet's textile know-how can be found in the Screen Progress, a fabric with a progressive openness factor of between 3% and 17%. This interior solar protection fabric offers optimum visual and thermal comfort while allowing natural light to enter. An exclusive feature that also reduces energy consumption by artificial lighting in buildings.



1 fabric for 3 functions

The innovation with Screen Progress fabric is the progressive weaving on the same blind which allows to combine visual and thermal comfort and incoming natural light. Depending on the building's configuration and the solar protection issues, the open weaving will let in daylight in the upper part or the bottom part of the blind, while the dense weaving will protect against glare at the workstations. Regardless of the position of the blind, natural light will continue to enter the room via its open section. This also reduces energy consumption by artificial lighting in buildings.


Customised sun control

Screen Progress fabric can be installed in 2 ways depending on the building's configuration, the height of the windows and the depth of the room:

  •  In the case of open office areas and curtain walls, the upper part of the large glazed area is likely to cause significant discomfort due to the direct sunlight. By placing the densest part of the Screen Progress fabric in the upper part, the brightness of the sun’s rays is significantly reduced, thereby protecting the user from glare while ensuring a high degree of transparency in the lower part of the blind, and a gain of natural daylight.
  • When the workspace is located near windows or when the glazing is of medium height, the open weaving of the fabric is positioned in the upper part of the blind to illuminate the room from the ceiling, while providing perfect glare control at the workstations.

Available in a maximum width of 250cm, the fabric is produced in accordance with the demands of each individual building in the form of bespoke sheets:

  • 160cm to 400cm high
  • openness factor adapted to the specific demands (minimum 3% and maximum 17%)
  • available in the 22 colours of the M-Screen range, they are able to harmoniously integrate into all interior spaces.


With the Screen Progress fabric, Mermet once again shows that its reputation as a producer of intelligent solar protection fabrics is well deserved!


Download Screen Progress brochure

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