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The bridge, or when functionality meets aesthetics

Published on:Monday 27 November 2023


Combination of fabrics

Once again, Italian blind manufacturer Resstende Srl has showcased our fabrics for a project in the heart of Milan. It concerns the renovation of old buildings into a modern, sustainable, urban office campus. The company has designed and manufactured 290 blinds, including 184 for indoor use and 106 for outdoor use.

A range of Mermet fabrics were used depending on the solar protection requirements:

  • Satiné 5500 colour 3006 Charcoal Bronze for outdoor projection awnings on the ground floor to offer optimal visual comfort
  • Satiné 5500 colour 0207 White Pearl on the dual-skin façade blinds and roof awnings, enabling excellent thermal comfort and natural light management, which improves building energy performance
  • M-Screen colour 0207 White Pearl for indoor blinds on upper floors, which seamlessly integrate the modern and sophisticated style of the offices, with good glare control
  • Screen Vision colour 0701 Pearl Grey and 0202 White for indoor blinds in workspaces, to control heat and light in the offices.

Optimal solar protection


This combination of fabrics delivers optimum solar protection, thereby improving building energy performance (LEED Gold rating) and offering thermal and optical comfort for users alongside natural lighting and transparency.

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