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The Satiné 5500 fabric for schools in Poissy

Published on:Tuesday 22 March 2022

The town of Poissy near Paris cares about its school pupils’ well-being. Its 2020 heatwave plan included the installation of ZIP exterior blinds at 15 schools to protect them from heat while saving energy for the town by preventing the need for air conditioning.

Thermodynamic studies were conducted by Alterea to compare various solutions that would avoid having to install air conditioning in the schools. The most effective solution was to install motorised exterior blinds made of high-performance fabric.

ecole les sablons

616 ZIP blinds

This energy renovation project provides for the installation of 616 Schenker ZIP blinds equipped with Mermet’s Satiné 5500 fabric, in colour 0102 Grey White, because it:

  • rejects 96% of solar energy, providing excellent protection against heat
  • filters 93% of light rays for very good glare control thanks to the diagonal weave of the satin fabric
  • allows maximum natural light to enter
  • maintains clear vision outdoors thanks to the fabric’s unparalleled transparency.
ecole les sablons

A perfect choice for ZIP blinds thanks to its excellent dimensional stability, the Satiné 5500 fabric offers an attractive, effective, long-term solution.

Sablons Gif

In-situ testing

Temperature and light sensors were installed in a “test” school during summer 2020. The results were clear: on 31 July, the outdoor temperature reading was 39°C. In a classroom where no blinds had been fitted, the temperature was 32°C, while in a room fitted with exterior blinds the temperature was 26.9°C.

By significantly reducing the temperature in the classrooms, the blinds save energy not only on air conditioning, but also on lighting, as they allow natural light to enter.  Easy to handle and clean, they also blend perfectly into the façade.

Sun protection is now a key element in the design of sustainable buildings. It helps to reduce energy consumption by decreasing the use of heating, air conditioning and artificial lighting. It plays an equally important role in the comfort and well-being of the building’s occupants, offering thermal protection, control of natural light and transparency at the same time.
In response to these priorities, Mermet offers a range of sun protection fabrics recognised for their thermal and optical performance in both indoor and outdoor applications.

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