Published on:Monday 30 April 2012

The new headquarters of the international group TNT (Hoofddorp, Netherlands), undoubtedly represent the best in terms of ecologically responsible construction. The solar protection specialist, Mermet, contributed to this project by fitting the façades with over 3800 m² of Screen Nature and Screen Nature Ultimetal, the most innovative solar protection fabrics. This sharing of knowledge was rewarded by the highest level of European and American certification (LEED Platinum) and makes the building one of the greenest in Europe at present.

TNT 03

Building towards sustainable architecture

Everything about this building was designed with minimal energy consumption in mind. The TNT concept can accommodate up to 900 employees over 100,000 m² of office space, and yet it does not emit any CO2 . The Mermet® fabrics make a large contribution to this innovative quality. Controlling solar energy is essential, so there are a total of 887 blinds with Mermet® fabrics (the RB EOS 500 range by Hunter Douglas) installed in two strategic places (atrium and façade).

TNT 04

Transparency and 0% fossil energy use

The atrium’s orientation allows daylight to penetrate the 6 storeys, which take the shape of a “U”. As such, real solar protection was indispensable to ensure the correct heat levels in the offices, at the same time as maintaining the transparency and view of the natural surroundings. For this reason, the architect chose Screen Nature fabric, which lets natural light enter the atrium and also perfectly controls dazzling.

TNT 04
TNT 01

Screen Nature Ultimetal for the façade

Chosen for the south, east and west-facing exterior façades, the metallic side of the Screen Nature Ultimetal fabric is perfectly integrated with the building’s modern, steel architecture, while the choice of B119 White for the interior offers a wide range of possibility for the interior design.

© : TNT - Hunter Douglas - Paul de Ruiter - Mermet SAS

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