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Today, 21 March, is the first Global Shading Day!

Published on:Monday 20 March 2023

ES-SO (European Solar Shading Organisation) launches for the first time the ‘Global Shading Day’, to make the general public, specifiers, customers, policy makers aware of the environmental and economic benefits of solar shading.

Buildings are still the leading energy consumers in Europe today, accounting for 40% of energy consumption and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions. If we do nothing, climate change and heat waves will increase the number of buildings requiring air conditioning by an estimated 60%.

Global Shading Day

Reducing our energy consumption

Solar shading is becoming indispensable to protect buildings from overheating, but also in the fight against global warming by reducing the use of energy-consuming air conditioning and artificial lighting.
ES-SO, the umbrella organisation of the European solar shading industry, is therefore calling for extra attention to solar shading because the figures couldn’t be clearer.

A scientific study by Guidhouse has shown that smart or dynamic solar shading could reduce CO2 emissions by up to 100 million tonnes and save up to €285 billion. This is a potential energy saving of up to 60% for the cooling of buildings by 2050.

" Imposing the use of passive solar protection in building legislation would be a logical step now that climate is irrevocably continuing to accelerate. "


High time to make it mandatory

Solar shading integrated into a building management system manages heat and light in an intelligent way and are effective in reducing the energy consumption of buildings. Based on the results of the Guidehouse study, ES-SO urges European Union policy makers to make solar protection mandatory under the EPBD (European Energy Perforance of Buildings Directive) as the first solution - before the use of active cooling, such as air conditioning - in the fight against overheating.


Sun protection is now a key element in the design of sustainable buildings. It helps to reduce energy consumption by decreasing the use of heating, air conditioning and artificial lighting. It plays an equally important role in the comfort and well-being of the building’s occupants, offering thermal protection, control of natural light and transparency at the same time.
In response to these priorities, Mermet offers a range of sun protection fabrics recognised for their thermal and optical performance in both indoor and outdoor applications.


About ES-SO: www.es-so.com
Guidehouse Studies: https://tinyurl.com/2du5hscp     /       https://bit.ly/3ZN9X6i

© ES-SO - Griesser - Brenac & Gonzalez und Partner - Sergio Grazia, Stefan Tuchila - Rafael de la Hoz - Estores Kamp SL - Juan de Sande - Mermet SAS


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