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VIEW ONE building, Low-emissive fabric for internal blinds

Published on:Wednesday 29 July 2020


This modern and elegant building, HQE® Excellent and BREEAM Very good certified , is located in Villeurbanne, one of the main tertiary centers of Lyon (France).

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Dietmar Feichtinger architects selected the Satiné 5500 Low E fabric to equip the roller blinds of this all-glass building due to its exceptional sun protection and visual comfort qualities.

This fabric allows to maintain natural light, a very good visual contact with the outside while protecting from the heat and obtaining a perfect harmony between the facade and the interior decoration. Qualities the architect was looking for to provide a "high-quality and sustainable" building...

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Thanks to its double-sided metallization, the Satiné 5500 Low E fabric provides an excellent thermal protection. It alone reflects 78% of solar energy, which is essential for this all-glass building.

In addition, its low emissivity level of 15% minimizes the perception of heat or cold from the glazing. The fabric acts as an insulator of the glazing, ensuring the comfort for the occupants in both the summer and winter.


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The architect wanted to offer a pleasant building to live in with exceptional lighting, landscaped outdoor spaces and the preservation of the outside view. The Satiné 5500 Low E is THE best solution for this type of application. Due to its diagonal satin weave and its metallization, it provides perfect glare control while optimizing the incoming natural light.

The blinds don’t obscure the view because the fabric is transparent and therefore allows to enjoy terraces and hanging gardens. In addition, they merge perfectly with the interior decoration of this contemporary building in raw concrete and wood.

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As a veritable thermal shield, this fabric contributes to the reduction of the energy consumption of buildings related to air conditioning, lighting and heating. In this way it contributes to obtaining credits for eco-efficient building programs (BREEAM, HQE, LEED…).


©-Dietmar Feichtinger, Franciaflex, Aurélien Vivier Photographe, Mermet SAS


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