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Published on:Wednesday 23 May 2018

The new terminal at the West Port of Helsinki in Finland, designed to streamline and speed up transfers of the growing number of passengers, is now operational.

This building, placed facing the sea and fully glazed to give pride of place to natural light, had, in use, shown to suffer from strong direct and indirect glare. A real challenge, since it was necessary to find a solution that would simultaneously have minimal impact on the architecture and total efficiency.

Successful bet for Mermet: thanks to its unequalled performance, the choice of its fabric SV 3% KoolblackTM fabric, the first indoor dark screen combining visual and thermal comfort, has once again naturally imposed itself in a country where, in summer, the sun never sets!


Port Helsinki Ref 4

An essential fight against glare

Maria Sillman – Studio Dekosol OY. : « ...Our main goal was to ensure a comfortable work environment for employees in the check-in area. But this need to reduce direct and indirect glare should not affect the architecture. The answer is based on:

  • a sun screen solution that keeps the building's feeling of openness and maintains excellent transparency towards the outside
  • a fabric that offers excellent glare control all year long
  • maintaining optimum thermal comfort for users
Port Helsinki Ref 4

Thanks to its dark Charcoal colour (reference 3535), the SV 3% KoolblackTM fabric, a transparent heat shield, is invisible on the glazed facades seen from the outside and meets all our expectations"...

Port Helsinki Ref 3

Koolblack, a technology patented by Mermet

By improving the solar reflection of dark fabric, Koolblack technologyTM guarantees:

  • Optimum indoor heat control with improved solar reflection (Rs = 29%).
  • Optimum thermal comfort: 69% of solar energy rejected
  • Excellent glare control: 95% of light rays filtered (Tv = 5%)
  • An excellent view towards the outside and perfect integration, seen from outside, with the building facades


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