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5 SQUARE, when blinds combine elegance and functionality

Published on:Tuesday 03 October 2023

5 SQUARE, on the southern outskirts of Milan, is a social housing programme carried out by Studio Barreca & La Varra Architects and aiming to regenerate 5 disused buildings. The large legacy balconies have been converted into loggias, so solar protection was needed to control the light and heat insulation of the terraces, while offering attractive facades.

5SQUARE (39)

Comfort & design

The architect called upon the blinds manufacturer Resstende Srl to search together for the best solution combining comfort and design. The 360 external blinds have been designed to beautify façades by making them look “alive: moving between a blind tilted outwards to another tilted inwards to create a small butterfly effect” explains the architect Gianandrea Barreca.

So Resstende offered blinds equipped with Mermet’s Satiné 5500 fabric for its outstanding solar protection properties:

5SQUARE (39)
  • 96% of solar energy reflected for optimum heat protection
  • 93% of light rays filtered, providing very good glare controlthanks to its satin diagonal weave
  • Maximum incoming natural light
  • View-through maintained thanks to the fabric's unparalleled transparency.


The shade chosen (0207 white pearl) ideally matches the façade thanks to its perfect blending into the building.

5SQUARE copie

Satiné 5500 fabric

Available in 52 shades and 4 widths ranging up to 320 cm, Mermet’s Satiné 5500 fabric is also distinguished by:

  • Outstanding dimensional stability for large-sized vertical blinds and perfect matching with ZIP applications, giving it ideal stretch for a perfect finish
  • Outstanding durability with the 10,000-cycle mechanical endurance test (NF EN 13561 class 3) and good mechanical strength for stretching,
  • M1 fire rating which satisfies the requirements for public-access buildings.

Mermet fabrics have now established themselves as THE ideal solution by guaranteeing an outstanding level of thermal performance combined with optimal visual comfort, while giving building façades a modern look.

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© Carola Merello - Barreca & La Varra - Resstende Srl - Mermet SAS

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