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When sustainable development comes to hospital for everyone’s comfort

Published on:Tuesday 18 July 2023

Hopital-Voiron-vue ensemble
For the new Voiron Hospital (France), Nickl & Partner architects chose Mermet® fabrics to protect users from heat and glare, while maintaining views of the Chartreuse montains.



More than 640 motorised roller blinds from ATES have been installed outdoor with the Satiné 5500 fabric colour 3030 Charcoal. They allows:

  • reject 96% of solar energy, providing excellent heat protection
  • filter 96% of light rays for a very good glare control thanks to its satin diagonal weave
  • keep a maximum of incoming natural light
  • maintain a good view to the outside thanks to the fabric's unrivalled transparency.

And optical

In addition, 62 roller blinds with the SV 5% fabric colour 3030 Charcoal were installed on the inside of windows where it was impossible to fit external blinds for safety reasons. They provide thermal comfort and perfect glare control.

Antibacterial, Mermet fabrics are conform to standard requirements for buildings open to the public and contain no dangerous substances.

With heatwaves becoming increasingly frequent, solar protection is now a key element in the design of sustainable buildings. It helps to reduce energy consumption by decreasing the use of air conditioning and artificial lighting. It plays an equally important role in the comfort and well-being of the building’s occupants, offering thermal protection, control of natural light and transparency at the same time.

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