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Wine bar in New Zeland

Published on:Friday 05 September 2008


Considered to be one of the most prestigious wine growing areas, Brick Bay is noted for its exceptional wine bar. The owners called in Noel Lane, a New Zealand architect, to build this unique wine-tasting venue called “The Glass House” at the very heart of their vineyard..  
A combination of glass, steel, coloured Plexiglas and wood, this building awakens the senses of the wine amateur with a 360° panoramic view over the property: the view down to the lake, the natural environment and the vines... In 2007, this building was awarded the New Zealand Institute of Architects’ national prize.

Bar a vin Brick Bay

Mermet’s experience

The architect called upon Mermet to resolve the inherent problems of a restaurant made entirely of glass walls and roof, that is, to be able to simultaneously:   

  • control light and heat,
  • control the sound quality (the materials used at the outset did not absorb noise). 

By installing Acoustis® 50 fabric it was possible to solve both these problems at the same time, as well as adding to the building’s aesthetic qualities.

In addition, because the roof does not allow blinds to be fixed very easily, the Mermet panels were installed by the blind manufacturer SP Blinds using a “double velum” system. This way they fit perfectly into the slope of the roof. The velum is designed using specially-made aluminium tubing which offers better resistance for this large-scale application. They are motor-controlled to allow the staff to deploy them according to the brightness level and noise within the room. 

© :  SP Blinds - Mermet S.A.S.

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