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Zaragoza law courts

Published on:Tuesday 25 November 2014


The former Spanish pavilion at the 2008 Universal Exhibition held in Zaragoza, subsequently converted into a court complex, now provides a home for all the judges of the region. With its 100% glass facade around the entire perimeter, this sun-bathed area requires effective solar protection.


S2 1% : transparency and glare control

Selected by the architect Sergio Sebastian, this very dense double-sided fabric quickly emerged as the right solution thanks to its numerous benefits:

  • Excellent glare control: the interior (darker) side of the fabric filters 93% of the sun's rays (Tv = 7%);
  • The quality of its transparency: vision to the outside is optimised thanks to the double-sided weave technology, while maintaining the privacy of occupants during the day,
  • its energy performance: as a result of its reflective (lighter) side turned towards the glass, depending on the quality of the glass the fabric reflects back up to 74% of the sun's energy, thereby reducing electricity consumption for air conditioning while enhancing natural light to reduce the use of artificial lighting.

Balance of the facade

Especially well-suited to large-dimension applications, the S2 1% fabric was selected for this project:

  • To equip 1,500 manual, high-fit and chain-operated roller blinds, produced and installed over 7,800m 2 by the blind manufacturer, Rieldecor S. L.;
  • In 0201 White Grey (from among the 7 available colours) for its subtle effect and to best fit in with the metalwork of the facade, bringing calmness and quality of life to the interior spaces.

By mastering the Zaragoza sun, Mermet once again demonstrates its internationally recognised expertise.
Through its ability to offer tailor-made solutions and by meeting new energy consumption requirements, Mermet continues to confirm its position as the ideal response to the demands of thermal protection and visual comfort.

© : Rieldecor - Palacio de justicia de zaragoza  - Sergio Sebastian - Mermet SAS

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