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Lapps Quay Offices

Cork City, Ireland

Satiné 5500 - Downer International – Scott Tallon Walker – PLPIX – Mermet S.A.S.


The 24 permanent external blinds, with the Satiné 5500 fabric colour 0101 Grey, structured on sun breaker systems are fixed and have to resist to wind speeds (120mph). Size of each panel : Width 5,6 metres and Projection 1,35 metre

The twill weave of Satiné 5500 fabric screens out of light rays regardless the position of the sun in order to perfectly control glare. It rejects the UV rays while maintaining the best of natural light.


Lapps Quay Offices


Tertiary: Offices, Shops, Transport


  • External
  • Solar protection


Opacity levels


Scott Tallon Walker


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