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"Musée de l’Ordre de la Libération" museum

Paris, France

Satiné 5500 - Musée de l'Ordre de la Libération - Franciaflex - Storistes de France - SFP - Luc Boegly – Agence Benjamin Mouton – Philippe Maffre Architecte - Mermet SAS


The principle of interior roller blinds was favoured in order to maintain the integrity of the facades of this historic monument. In accordance with the specific needs of each space, a combination of 2 fabrics was developed to adjust the level of transparency or to offer total blackout for sensitive exhibits. A total of 160 blinds were manufactured:

- On both the east and west facades, the Satiné 5500 fabric colour 1006 Sable Bronze is installed directly against the glass of each window (78 roller blinds): excellent transparency with clear vision to the outside, glare control

The superimposition of a second independent blind enables light to be regulated in line with the seasons. Also installed were:

- On the eastern side in visitor circulation areas, 31 blockout roller blinds with the Kibo 8500 fabric colour 2020 Linen, placed directly opposite the display cases. Totally opaque and ideal for protecting sensitive exhibits, this top-of-the-range solution blocks out 100% of light rays and UV light

On the western side in the exhibition halls, 51 roller blinds with SV 10% fabric colours 0210 White Sable and 0707 Pearl: transparency and natural light, glare control




Communities: Education, Health, Culture & Sport


  • Internal
  • Solar protection


Philippe Maffre Architecte


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