Pascal school

Poissy, France

Satiné 5500 - Nodal + Sasu / Antoine Huot - Stores Seas - Schenker Stores - Ville de Poissy - Mermet SAS


93 ZIP external blinds equiped with Satiné 5500 fabric colour 0102 Grey White.
The fabric provides:

- excellent protection against heat
- very good glare control
- to allow maximum natural light to enter
- to maintain clear vision outdoors thanks to its transparency

By significantly reducing the temperature in the classrooms, the blinds save energy not only on air conditioning, but also on lighting, as they allow natural light to enter. Easy to handle and clean, they also blend perfectly into the façade.


Pascal school
Pascal school
Pascal school


Communities: Education, Health, Culture & Sport


  • External
  • Solar protection


Opacity levels


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