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Solar shade fabric

Solar shade fabrics: Intelligent blinds for your building

Sunscreen Mermet, a French company and a world leader in the design and manufacture of external and internal blinds, tensile structures, signage and acoustic space fittings adapts its know-how in solar shade fabric technology to meet needs for solar protection in a wide variety of environments.

With designs for both external and internal spaces, Sunscreen Mermet technology can be seen in homes, hotels, health and sports centres, and railway stations around the globe. High quality solar protection fabrics in aesthetic designs are available to customise for your office, business or residential buildings or exterior pathways, courtyards and gardens. We help create comfortable and pleasant atmospheric with fabrics which blend perfectly with your interior decoration or add to the character of an outdoor area.

Solar shade fabric : Discover on Sunscreen Mermet, all our references for solar shade fabric. Sunscreen Mermet is the specialist of intelligent fabrics for blinds : solar shade fabric, tensile structure fabric, transparent blind fabric,...

Solar shades fabrics: The Modulight Rapid Selection guide

Sunscreen Mermet uses coated fiberglass yarn technology to create the durable, robust and attractive solar protection blinds. With five-year warranty, our solar shade fabrics are designed to withstand poor weather conditions, wear and tear and are certified products for health and safety and environment. From low to zero chemical emissions, waterproofing and non-flammable properties, we meet our vision for providing the highest standard products available today.

Fibreglass glass solar shade fabrics allow Sunscreen Mermet to produce energy saving, solar protection blinds that effectively manage the provision of natural or artificial light, heat and acoustic correction, offering you greater independence from air-conditioning and uncomfortable work areas caused by glaring light, heat or poor air quality...

The External Screen Classic range provides the ideal solution for managing the entrance of light and heat entering an interior with outdoor fittings. From 100% Transparency blinds to the Blackout 100% series, an array of colours and signage options, external solar blinds can be married with signage and serve as a powerful marketing tool for your business.

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