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Thermal control fabric

Sunscreen Mermet - Thermal control fabric

Thermal control fabrics by the French-based company, Sunscreen Mermet, provide the energy efficient solution for thermal management of any interior space. A world leader in the design and manufacture of functional and technical fabrics used in architectural projects and interior design in over 60 countries, Sunscreen Mermet is at the forefront of innovative and aesthetic fabrics for solar and heat protection.

Sunscreen Mermet thermal control fabrics are highly adaptable and can be mounted for a whole range of fittings, suitable both interior and exterior applications. External blind structures are ideal for interiors with high level impact from heat entering via the glazing. Designed to act as thermal shield, external thermal blinds control light and heat by blocking rays before they reach the glazing. The vast design possibilities allow high level thermal control without sacrificing the benefits of incoming natural daylight.

Thermal control fabric : Discover on Sunscreen Mermet, all our references for thermal control fabric. Sunscreen Mermet is the specialist of intelligent fabrics for blinds : thermal control fabric, tensile structure, acoustic blind fabric,...

Thermal blind fabrics for every application

For the home, office, commercial building, spa or sports centre, cruise liner, railway station halls… Sunscreen Mermet has applied its technology and design to produce unique thermal control solutions for a whole range of applications. Technical performance is married with elegant, attractive fittings that add aesthetic value to the interior or exterior space.

Discover the range of thermal blind fabrics, roller blind or panel designs available in a variety of transparency levels, dimensions and colours to meet needs for technical performance and harmonious and attractive finish. Effective and energy efficient, thermal blind fabrics provide the most innovative and ecologically viable solution for enhancing thermal comfort of buildings.

Sunscreen Mermet offers technical fabrics with low to zero emissions of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases and fabrics which comply with fire and smoke safety standards both in France and different countries around the world. With a five- year warranty, our customers benefit from the advantages of durable, resistant and safe fabrics in their environment.


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