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Published on:Thursday 05 September 2019

Since almost 70 years, Mermet has successfully developed a unique body of knowledge in the manufacture of fibreglass fabrics, principally for solar protection applications. Mermet® fabrics are technical, environmentally friendly and beautifully designed, adapting themselves to fulfil every need. The latest product designs, such as the Screen Progress, the Low E fabrics and Screen Nature family, are perfect illustrations of this and have already been deployed in innovative architectural projects. Here is an overview of a few projects…


Almanjáyar administrative centre in Spain

This administrative centre in Almanjáyar, Grenada, Spain was designed by Spanish architects Cruz y Ortiz. It is built around an interior courtyard and comprises several buildings of varying heights, from three to nine storeys. The building façades were coated with zinc panels, making them stand out from surrounding buildings, and are fully glazed. Thermal comfort, light control, transparency and seamless integration with the building façades represented a sizeable challenge on this exceptional project.

500 internal roller blinds equiped with the Satiné 5500 fabric, colour 4949 RAL 9006, were installed for an optimal thermal and visual protection. As the building is for administrative use, natural light management was deemed to be of primary importance for occupant well-being. The Satiné 5500 fabric helps to:

  • eliminate backlighting in offices, especially  for users of computer screens, and ensure glare control for an optimum visual comfort
  • ensure thermal comfort with protection against heat
  • offer perfect transparency with a clear view of the surrounding district.

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Textile architecture project

Most unusual use of a solar shading product !
Designed and constructed by Studio Morison, this sculptural external temporary pavilion of 10 meters in diameter and over 6 meters in height is made of 500 m² of M-Screen 8505 fabric, « Tailor-made » colour 0209 White Mandarin. M-Screen allows you to enter an apparently closed structure, where once inside, you have a perfect view of outside. Its fibreglass composition provides exceptional dimensional stability to this giant pineapple. This project won Mermet UK the 2019 BBSA award in this category!

Project: ‘Look, Look, Look’ at Berrington Hall, Herefordshire, England - Designers: Studio Morison – Heather Peak & Ivan Morison



Baker McKenzie law firm

Screen Nature is installed on internal blinds on three storeys of the Baker McKenzie legal firm offices in the new Barangaroo district outside Sydney. This fabric provides staff with excellent through vision and strong glare control.

Both a technical and decorative solution which makes it the ideal material for modular and innovative workspaces created by architects Hassell.

Free of PVC, halogens, polyester… the mineral composition of the Screen Nature fabric has minimal environmental impact.  Incombustible and free of smoke emissions, it is rated M0 (NFP 92 503), Euroclass A2-s1-d0, F0, meeting all the health & safety requirements. This fabric with excellent transparency offers multiple benefits:

  • very high glare control: jusup to 95 % (Tv = 5%) of sunlight is filtered out, offering comfort class 3 (good effect) under the EN 14501 standard;
  • optimum thermal comfort withup to 82% of the solar energy reflected back
  • Dimensional stability, durability (10,000 cycles, class 3 under NF EN 13120) and mechanical resistance ensuring flatness is maintained even in large dimensions.

Discover Screen Nature range

Sofitel australie 3

Sofitel Darling Harbour Hotel

Screen Nature Ultimetal® fabric was installed on internal blinds with motorised rollers in this prestigious 5-star hotel, which features a 35-storey tower and 590 luxury hotel rooms.

Its weave and metallic side deliver excellent heat and glare protection for occupants while maintaining perfect through vision to enjoy the view of the port and the city rooftops!

Sofitel australie 3

This glass fabric, also known as "the transparent thermal shield", is of unrivalled excellence regardless of its colour. It combines a high solar reflectance (74%) and an excellent visible transmittance (Tv ≤ 6). Screen Nature Ultimetal® has two faces, one of which is metal-coated and is oriented towards the glass. The fabric:

  • rejects up to 88% of solar energy (gtot = 0.12/glass g = 0.32 and U = 1.1), thereby helping to control heat,
  • offers a very low emissivity of 10% and acts as thermal insulation, helping to maintain comfort levels in both Summer and Winter,
  • optimises light transmittance to control glare and annoying  reflections,  especially  for users of computer (up to 96% of light rays filtered, comfort class 3, a “good effect”, as defined by EN 14501).

Discover Screen Nature Ultimetal® range


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