Botín Center

Santander, Spain

Satiné 5500 - Fundación Botín - Centro Botín - Arquitecto Renzo Piano - Santander 2017 - Resstende Srl - Mermet SAS


300 external and internal blinds with the superimposition of 3 Mermet fabrics:

- Satiné 5500 colour 0201 White Grey in external blinds for an excellent heat and glare protection

- SV 10% colour 0202 White in internal blinds for maintain the natural light while keeping the transparency

- Karellis 11301 colour 608 Chartreux in ZIP internal blinds that regulate the light and allow a total blackout


Botín Center
Botín Center
Botín Center
Botín Center
Botín Center
Botín Center


Communities: Education, Health, Culture & Sport


  • Internal
  • External
  • Solar protection


Renzo Piano


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