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Feltrinelli Foundation

Milan, Italy

Satiné 5500 - Fabio Di Carlo courtesy of ©Resstende Srl – Herzog & de Meuron - Feltrinelli - Mermet SAS


320 ZIP roller blinds in the Satiné 5500 fabric and colour 0130 Grey Charcoal, covering some 6,000m², have been deployed on the southern facade, composed of:

- 192 vertical ZIP blinds 3.49m high and 2.14m wide;
- 128 ZIP blinds, specially designed for vertical, horizontal and oblique applications.

With the ZIP system giving the fabric an ideal tension to create a perfect finish and offering excellent wind resistance.

Light control was fundamental importance in order to:

- Eliminate backlight in the offices, notably on projection screens;
- Provide optimum visual comfort for users occupying the rooms;
- Combat the glare caused by reflected sunlight;
- Guarantee thermal comfort by offering protection against heat;
- Provide perfect transparency with a clear view over this historical district whose architecture dates back to the 15th century.

LEED® Gold certified building


Feltrinelli Foundation
Feltrinelli Foundation
Feltrinelli Foundation


Tertiary: Offices, Shops, Transport


  • External
  • Solar protection


Opacity levels


Herzog & de Meuron



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