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Ocean liner Norwegian Epic

Natura - STX Europe - Ami Lenglart - Tillberg - SNC Design - Mermet S.A.S.


Screen Vision, M-Screen, Natura, Screen Thermic, Flocké… depending on the location and the ambience, different interior fabrics were selected for equiped the 464 electric roller blinds:

- SV 5% colour 3006 Charcoal Bronze et 0220 White Linen: this fabric offers optimal transparency and influx of natural light thanks to its basket weave pattern, giving travellers an ideal view over the sea.

- M-Screen 8505 colour 3071 Charcoal Apricot, 2020 Linen, 0710 Pearl Linen et 0207 White Pearl: the most decorative of Mermet fabrics it was chosen all understated and elegant tones perfectly suited to the tranquil atmosphere of the ship’s various bars

- Natura colour D237 Noisette: it’s the 2-tone appearance that gives this fabric its individuality. The use of two-coloured yarns gives a stippled chiné effect, never seen before on this type of fabric, ideal to finish off the Well-Being area

- S2 5% colour 0210 White Sable: This double-sided fabric offers maximum heat protection thanks to the white side facing the exterior which reflects sunlight, and perfect glare control alongside optimal transparency thanks to the darker side which faces the interior

- Flocké 11201 colour 618 Missisipi, 617 Chêne et 606 Noir: this fabric stopps 100% of light and UV rays and provides total blackout. Its white acrylic reverse side reflects 67% of the sunlight for additional thermal comfort.


Tertiary: Offices, Shops, Transport


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