Puig Tower

Barcelona, Spain

5500 Métal - Rafael Moneo, Lucho Martial and GCA Arquitectos Asociados - Cortinsa - Puig - Mermet S.A.S.


860 interior blinds made from 5500 Métal fabric (5,900m² in total) provide excellent glare control and optimum thermal protection. Regarding the 0101 Grey colour selected, in this case chosen to reduce the percentage of light transmission (Tv), it maintains a comfortable level of natural light and offers greater transparency, providing very clear outside visibility.

This building has achieved LEED® Gold certification, an international mark of excellence in energy efficiency that certifies the environmental quality of buildings.


Puig Tower
Puig Tower


Tertiary: Offices, Shops, Transport


  • Internal
  • Solar protection


Opacity levels


Rafael Moneo, Lucho Martial and GCA Arquitectos Asociados



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