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TNT Group Headquarters

Hoofddorp, Netherlands

Screen Nature Ultimetal® - TNT - Hunter Douglas - Paul de Ruiter - Mermet S.A.S.


887 interior blinds colour White in Screen Nature for the Atrium and Screen Nature Ultimetal® for the another façades.

Fabrics made of glass fibre, PVC free, polyester free and halogen free, they meets the requirements of the HQE (High Quality Environmental) standard and guarantees minimal impact on the environment.

Screen Nature: lets natural light enter the atrium and also perfectly glare controls.

Screen Nature Ultimetal®: the metallic side, which faces the glazing, reflects solar radiation to control heat ; the textile side, which is darker and faces the interior, offers unequalled transparency and controls the intake of natural light.

LEED® Platinium certified building


TNT Group Headquarters
TNT Group Headquarters
TNT Group Headquarters
TNT Group Headquarters


Tertiary: Offices, Shops, Transport


  • Internal
  • Solar protection

Opacity levels


Paul de Ruiter



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